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age 63

"I was able to walk 2 miles in 20-30 minutes when I used to take an hour. I could even jog for the first time in over 10 years. I'm happy to say I lost 24 lbs. I feel healthier than ever, and will continue to eat healthy. I thank you Maddy, you changed my entire life. The doctors were amazed to see that all my blood work were awesome, blood pressure had great results, cholesterol is lower, lungs and liver looked great. I thank you Maddy, I'm forever grateful."

"I've suffered from a condition that has lead me down the path of multiple surgeries, different medications, and a lot of pain and discomfort. In 2 months, I was taken off antibiotics that I relied on for the past 5 years. In 3 months, my infusions went from every 4 weeks to every 6 weeks!"


Fit and Fabulous is fitness for women - a lifestyle brand on a mission to create lasting changes in the lives of women across the nation! The heartbeat of our company is a passion to inspire healthy living. Our health and wellness programs, headed by Certified Personal Trainer and Women's Fitness Specialist - Maddy Owens, are designed to empower women to live their healthiest and look their best. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight... whether you are brand new to fitness or are looking for a new challenge... you have a place in our family. Join our tribe!

Fit and Fabulous Maddy Owens
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age 32

"I was taken off my antibiotics that I relied on for the past 5 years. After three months, my infusions that I usually get every four weeks was changed to every six weeks with hopes of stopping it all together. My friends have even noticed clearer skin! Thanks to this program, I have learned to love my body again and am overall happy."


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